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Hugo Remove List Duplicates


In processing JSON records for a Hugo site I needed to remove duplicate ID elements in a list. Here's how I did it.

Page Folder Name


I needed the name of the folder in which a page was stored in order to make shortcode processing a little bit easier. Here's how I managed to do it.

Google Tags to Hugo Site


Adding Google's Tag Manager connect code to your static Hugo site won't take long. Here's how to do it in 3 simple steps.

Hugo Custom 404 Page


Here's how I set up a custom 404/NotFound page for this site.

Customize Hugo Page Type


I struggled with this a bit longer than I might should have. In the end it wasn't too difficult but it also wasn't so straightforward to be obvious. Here's how to set up a custom page layout for any type of page you might imagine in Hugo.

Hugo Most Recent Posts


This site's home page used to feature my most recent 5 posts. This post shows how the logic that made it work

Hugo Most Recently Updated Posts


This site's home page features my most-recently updated 5 posts. This the template logic that makes it happen.